About Us

Powle & Hodson Lawyers is a boutique commercial Auckland law firm based in Newmarket. We are focussed on business and family wealth creation and protection.

Powle & Hodson's directors are Donna Powle and Nick Hodson. The firm was founded by Simon Palmer (as Palmer & Associates) in 1995. Donna Powle joined Simon in 2002. Nick Hodson Lawyers was founded by Nick Hodson in 2010. When Simon retired from Palmer & Associates in 2017 Palmer & Associates and Nick Hodson Lawyers joined forces.

Our approach is to identify and manage the legal risks affecting our clients' businesses. Our lawyers have a personal, hands on appraoch, and facilitate transactions by focussing on making, not breaking, deals. Our advice is clear and to the point. We measure the success of our business through our clients' success.

Clients of the firm include:

  • national and international manufacturers, retailers and professional service providers;
  • technology companies;
  • sports organisations;
  • property developers and investors;
  • construction businesses; 
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies;
  • New Zealand trust boards;
  • commercial, charitable and family trusts.

We work very hard to understand our clients’ needs and to ensure the timely delivery of sound advice and exceptional outcomes.

We strive for and value innovation and performance and actively seek other professionals and service providers with similar aspirations, competitive advantages and total solutions for our clients.